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Our Story

The Asgardian Store

The Asgardian Store was created with love and dedication.

It all started when we got our first dog, Freyja.

She got very sick with commercial pet foods and so we decided to change to a natural diet - the raw diet. Since then Freyja has been a completely different dog, with more energy, healthier and happier.


With this diet, the most difficult thing was to find great training treats that were species appropriate, small, and easy to carry - without making our hands dirty. Due to lack of good options, we decided to try and make some ourselves and with that comes the Asgardian Store, a place where you can find natural treats without any additives, 100% meat.

All treats are homemade with love, for you and your carnivore and omnivore pets to have the healthier and more exciting training sessions. 


The Asgardian Store was created and is managed by Medical Doctor and Raw Pet Food Nutritionist Specialist, Ângela Gonçalves.

Certified Pet food Nutritionist
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