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The feast of the Gods

Are the treats of our dogs

Our brand is mainly focused on pets health, we look forwards to a more natural pet food industry.

All our products are 100% natural without any additives, handmade with love and tested by our pets. 

The treats are suitable for cats, dogs and ferrets of all ages. 

We look for transparency and great connection with our clients.

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"The Asgardian Store snacks are 100% natural and consist of high quality proteins and digestibility. The cooking process used to obtain the snacks is the dehydration process that allows the preservation of most nutrients, especially vitamins, promoting the health of your pet.


These snacks can be used to aid in the proper functioning of the digestive system, in the health of the joints and in the improvement of the health of the skin and hair, as well as they can be used in exercises and behavior training, or simple walks.


They are therefore a healthy, nutritious and practical choice for your pet, which I recommend. "

Fernando Barjona de Freitas


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